I am the proud owner of a greenhouse!!

Yesterday we did a bit of garden shopping and I managed to pick up a cheap 4 tier plastic greenhouse for £10!! I also picked up some more seeds. I’ve definitely got the gardening bug.

So heres some progress on my seedlings:


They’re really getting on now. So much so, that I’ve had to take the lid off them and they’re quite happily sitting on the bedroom windowsill. I’m gonna give them another week or so indoors and then move them to the greenhouse.

The lavender have taken a little while longer to come through…. But they’re definitely there alright! 😀


To be honest, I didn’t think these would come through at all. I’m not sure they liked so much sun in the bedroom, so I’ve moved them to the back bedroom windowsill and they seem to be doing okay there.

I also managed to pot up some carrots;

Also did some herbs and things, but haven’t got round to snapping pics of them yet. Or the greenhouse. Just waiting for a clear, sunny day now to get out in the backgarden and get it all rolling. Not long, not long.


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