It’s all going on in my pots!

Okay, a few more pics:


2 days old

2 days old

You can’t really make much out in this pic. But it’s there, up by the label stick…. Just starting to poke through!


9 days old

Looks like I might be re-potting these shortly. They’ve gone a little mad!


4 days old

Cabbage (left) and Cauliflower (right)

4 days old


9 days old

Wow, not doing so bad now are they?

Mustard Greens (left) and Leaf Mix (right)

4 days old
Rocket Salad

4 days old

I think I’ll have to start grouping them together to snap pic updates. As uploading them all to blogger and labelling them all properly seems a lengthy process and sometimes a little confusing, especially since all the herbs and things are quite similar.

Still no progress on the carrots, hopefully something will come up soon!


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