What a morning!

Doesn’t it look beautiful? I just love waking up to blue skies and warm air. Lets hope it stays like this for the day.


5 thoughts on “What a morning!

  1. I thought the same, until I stepped outside and got my head blown off, think the winds you had last week have moved their way down to me now – not the ideal conditions for sowing seeds I can tell you.

  2. well as I write this the wind is getting stronger and I am beginning to worry about my greenhouse… I have put a grow-bag on the bottom shelf with cucumbers in so I’m hoping that is heavy enough to keep it standing

  3. Oh no! I hope it makes it through the night.

    I think you have a similar one to the one I had (but gave to my Mum) – hers collapsed this afternoon – With my seedlings in! Everything survived, well seems to… But me and Mum can’t figure out if it was the wind (it’s been blustery today, but not enough to take down a mini-greenhouse) or it was my clumsy step-father, who is in the middle of building his pond. I wonder.

  4. They survived the winds last night, however when I have come to close them again tonight todays winds have broken the zip so now I have clothe pegs holding it together – a really classy look!

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