Hello new home!

Decided, after many years of blogging with blogger/blogspot that it was time for a change.  Although blogger/blogspot was great, I felt that the templates let it down somewhat.  The templates for WordPress are clean, tidy and I guess just how I’d like my gardens to be.

So from this day forward this will be my new blog home and I’m hoping I get used to this real soon!


4 thoughts on “Hello new home!

    • I think it was the fact that I can have ‘pages’ on a WordPress blog, so keeping my main blogs sidebar neat and tidy. Oh and the templates are cleaner too 🙂

  1. Hi! I am here! I’ve been thinking about moving to WordPress for a while. But can’t make a final decision. Can you tell me if it was difficult?

    • I was scared about moving it over, but WordPress does it in one click! Moves over your tags, pics and comments! The only thing it won’t move over is anything you have in your blogger sidebars.

      Overall it’s great! Pefect for what I need it to do, I especially love that you can have “pages” on WordPress, so not to clutter up your blog sidebar. Simply wonderful 🙂

      Taking a while to get used to all the features and my dashboard on WordPress though, that side is not as simple and as ‘basic’ as blogspot.

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