Finally, their new pad….


Apologies for the quality of the pic, unfortunately my digital camera literally eats batteries and it wouldn’t turn on to snap a pic of the end result.  Meaning I had to use my camera phone.

Don’t they look cosy?


It still needs moving back a bit and weighting down properly, but for the time being I’m happy with it just the way it is.  Next on the list of things to buy is the staging.


2 thoughts on “Finally, their new pad….

  1. Wow. Your greenhouse doesn’t look so bad! You obviously had plants to go in there before it was built.

    We would love to have a greenhouse, but we have no garden, and having one on the allotments is a no-no, as the local chavs would just put bricks through it for fun. Perhaps a mini-polytunnel would do the trick, but defeats the intended purpose as we would like several varieties of tomatoe, peppers, and chillies. Still, we’re trying the chillies in the kitchen – watch our bog.

    Nice bog (sorry, blog!) by the way. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Indeed, I’ve been growing things from seed for about a month now on my windowsills and various sunny spots around the house. I am a total beginner and really have no idea what I’ve got myself into, but I’m enjoying it and thats all that matters really 🙂

    I’ve always wanted an allotment, but the waiting list around here is stupidly long so I’m allowed a small area of the garden to experiment. Who knows I might get an allotment one day….

    Thanks for stopping by!

    p.s. I have subscribed to your blog via Google Reader, so I shall never miss a post!

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