I’m cheating a little.

You remember those cuttings I took sometime last week, from the Lemon Balm?  Well, I know it’s only been a week or so, but they really aren’t looking too healthy.  Maybe the cuttings should have been shorter?  I dunno.  Anyway, I’ve decided to leave them a while longer to see if they perk up a little.  In the meantime, I have sowed some Lemon Balm seeds.  Just incase the cuttings don’t work.

Lemon Balm - 19-05-09

I’ve also potted up some Agastache and Candytuft.  They’re going to look beautiful in my front garden.

This picture here is a Lavender seedling.  Is it so very wrong of me to have loved this one little seedling that much to give it it’s own little pot?  Away from the others?  I must be going mad.

Lavender - 19-05-09


2 thoughts on “I’m cheating a little.

  1. Hi there! I would be stunned if you had trouble rooting lemon balm. But it is possible to start with too long a piece, so if your cuttings go downhill you might consider trying again with a piece about 6 or 7 inches long. Then remove the lower leaves, leaving two or three leaf sets. For the first few days it’s important to keep the humidity up, so bagging it up after potting is a good idea. But, lemon balm is aggressive- so be sure you will be able to keep it in check where you decide to plant it. I received one as a tiny seedling last year. This year it is a MONSTER! But, I have to admit I really like it.

    • I got advice for taking cuttings from an old Alan Titchmarsh book and I think my cutting is about 4 inches in length.

      As it turns out, I think the little buggers were panicked at the idea they would be replaced with actual seed and dumped onto the compost pile that they have picked up a bit this morning.

      I have a whole bush of the stuff in my front garden, the smell is amazing. I just love it!

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