Emma saves the plants!

Yesterday we nipped to Aldi to do some shopping and I noticed among the hanging basket plants that there were a few of them in need of a major drink and some tlc.  They were dry to the bone and dying by the minute.  Reduced to 99p I bought six of them, brought them home and stood them in a sink full of water, hoping that they would absorb it and pick up a little.  I placed them into the cosy greenhouse overnight and have just been to check in on them:

Aldi Flowers

Such a different state to how they looked yesterday.  Just wish I’d have taken a photo to compare!
We’ve called them Rod, Jane, Freddy, Zippy, George and Bungle – Rainbow 😀

Had a pretty poo morning yesterday, but made up for it in the afternoon by purchasing my new greenhouse staging.


And as you can see, there is still plenty of space for a few more pots on the ground and for me to fit in.  I could even get another set of staging in there, if I really wanted too.  But I’m happy it’s all sorted and my babies have their own shelves.


Off out with Mum, more shopping to do!

Holiday in 9 days, c’mon sunshine!!!


3 thoughts on “Emma saves the plants!

  1. Lidl’s seem to be the same with their plants, they’re always dry as a bone.
    You’re greenhouse looks great with the new staging.

  2. I was after a cucumber plant, but totally forgot about the offers that Lidl had on, luckily I forgot really as our local paper issued a voucher for a free vegetable plants from our garden centre. So now I’m the proud owner of two lush, healthy cucumber plants 😀

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