Finally, some sun!

Yesterday was one of the best gardening days we’ve had in a while.  I was up at 7am lapping up the sunshine and pottering about.  We cut both lawns, front and back.  Managed to spread a mass amount of grass seed around the front lawn in hope it will take and in a few weeks we’ll have some lush grass.  Here’s hoping!


My greenhouse has been put into it’s final place to rest. It took a last minute panic trip to homebase to get 3 bags of building sand so to make an even base for it.  But we got there in the end.

I’ve also acquired a pallet to make my very own raised bed!!!  Yay! This will be known as Project Pallet and will have to be fully researched before I make an attempt.  I was never any good at wood work at school.  Eeek!


During the course of yesterday I managed to get badly sun burnt!


The kids had loads of fun in the paddling pool and my new ‘dead’ plants are loving it in their new sunny location and a lovely big pot for a home.

I just hope today is just as nice!


2 thoughts on “Finally, some sun!

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