When the weather is bad, it’s really, really bad….

….and when the weather is good, it’s Evil!


Such intense heat and sunshine is not doing my wilting veggies any good.  The temperature inside the greenhouse is blistering.  I can only stand in there for a few minutes, without wanting to pass out!  So, because I go away on holiday tomorrow morning (I’m leaving my Mum in charge of the garden space… Eeek!) I’ve covered the greenhouse with the weeding (floor) material, as it’s the only thing I had to hand at the time.  But it’s done the trick and the temp has dropped a little in the greenhouse.  I think I can manage an extra 4 minutes without wanting to pass out.


Everything that normally lives in the greenhouse is now sitting on my lawn, still baking.  I used the hose (fine spray) to try and perk them up a little, seems to have worked.

Anyway, this might be my last post here until next Friday…. That is unless I pay to have the internet whilst on holiday.  We’ll see.

So from me to you, enjoy the sunshine.  Make sure you protect those veggies and I’ll see you all in a few days!


3 thoughts on “When the weather is bad, it’s really, really bad….

  1. Have a fab holiday, sit back and relax because when you get back you are going to be busy busy busy in your garden. Just come back from a weeks holiday and I haven’t stopped in the garden, it’s amazing how much stuff grows in just a week.
    Lucy x

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