Pretty Pumpkin Flower!

Before I start waffling on about what we’ve been up to in the garden space today, I thought you might all like to check out the gorgeous flower that has just appeared on one of my pumpkin plants.

Pumpkin Flower

This Pumpkin was lovingly grown from seed by Lucy.  Isn’t it beautiful?

In other places around the garden space, me and Jessica cleared out the weed and grass and made our Sunflower bed.  We’ve planted out 5 Sunflowers so far, another 5 will follow in the other bed tomorrow.



Now, after the Sunflowers are in I’m thinking of putting up some trellis type fence behind the sunflowers (maybe sitting on the brick level) as a sort of screen.  But I’m wondering what type of climber I could plant behind the Sunflowers that would grow up the trellis, but obviously not strangle the sunflowers and be a beautiful backdrop?!…. Oh how I wish I knew more about flowers!


12 thoughts on “Pretty Pumpkin Flower!

  1. It’s a little far into the season now to start things from seed, but you could give it a go with morning glories, which grow very quickly. You need to put beer traps out for slugs round them though. Have a look for half-hardy climbers on a search site, maybe.

    • Believe it or not, I have Morning Glories already growing from seed. I think if I remember rightly they’re Heavenly Blues…. Very pretty, but not sure how they will look with the yellow of the Sunflowers. I guess I’m a colour snob! Hehe
      Will have a good search around 🙂

  2. Pumpkin flowers are very attractive. Your sunflowers look as if they will give you a good showing later on. How about sweet peas up your trellis? Though it might be a bit late. Val

      • I have flower buds on my plants but none have opened yet, perhaps they are waiting till they are planted in my veg patch. My aubergines are doing really well and I have a few beetroot which I reckon will be ready to pull in a few weeks time.

    • I might give it a go and stop being such a colour snob 😀
      The Heavenly Blues were for my front garden as our next door neighbours have just had a stupidly HUGE fence put up between our gardens and it look hideous and I was hoping they would 1) hide the fence and concrete posts and 2) add an instant splash of colour to the garden. I think I have about 6/7 plants, which should hopefully be more than enough.

      Thanks everyone for all your help and advice, very much appreciated!

  3. Looks like you have a good little helper there!

    You could always plant edibles behind the sunflowers. Perhaps runner beans? They will flower too.

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