Project raised bed, what?

I admit I got a little ahead of myself when I announced I was going to make myself some raised beds out of pallets.  What a bloody chore that would have been, plus I really couldn’t be bothered with trying to get the endless amount of nails out of the wood.  So, I cheated and bought some.

Raised Bed

This one above is the home to some broccoli, cauliflower, parsnips, turnips, and my pea’s.  I also tried (for the very first time ever) at sowing seeds outdoors and not in a propagator.  I sowed a line of carrots.  Fingers crossed!


7 thoughts on “Project raised bed, what?

  1. Looks much smarter than a pallet would have done. I think it’s a bit different when you’re growing things in your garden and not an allotment, you want things to look nice.

  2. I see black plastic from the edges. I do hope you didn’t cover the ground in the bed with it… Unless those boards are a lot wider than they appear in the photo.

    • I’ve lined the bottom of raised bed with a weed control fabric, not plastic. The boards are a heck of a lot wider than they appear in the pic, must just have been the angle I was stood at.

  3. I love the sight of the round mark in the second photograph….. A sure sign of how we adjust and keep on adjusting to suit the space, the liking and the inclination.

    Time will fly with or without us….. haha…

    ~ bangchik

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