On Saturday we’re off to a local Allotment site to check out a 6×4 shed that is for sale. The owner said we could go have a little look before we decided if it was for us or not. It’s only £50 and apparently in great condition. Hopefully that means at some point next week we’ll have everything cleared out of the house that needs to be in the shed (kids bikes, tools, junk etc!) Our plan for the back garden is to put decking down on the top half of the garden. Hopefully there will be plenty of space for my greenhouse and shed. Not sure what the extra space will be used for. I quite like the idea of having veggies growing in pots. I don’t think my raised beds will be put to use this year.

Tonight whilst the OH has been watching the football I have sown some Stocks (night Scented), Morning Glories and some more Forget-Me-Nots. They are now sitting quite happily on my bedroom window sill. I’ve also re-potted the Mothers Day basket I got off the kids. The Ivy was strangling everything, so I’ve split that into 4 and planted it into the garden. I just hope it doesn’t take over the Lavender patch….. Which I know it will. Damn.

Off to bed soon, apparently the weather is going to be god-awful tomorrow. It’s British Summer Time and yet some parts of the UK are having to deal with more snow. Bummer.


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