Alyssum? Maybe?

Last year I planted baby Alyssum in my Lavender patch and it did well, giving me great floods of white flowers, almost, as its name suggests, like a carpet of snow.  With the bad weather we had over Winter it died right back to nothing.  Probably due to the frost/snow we had.  Now I know this is an  Annual, so I know it self-seeds and comes back….. But, is this my self-seeding Alyssum?

My photo quality isn’t all that great at the moment, so my apologies.  If this plant is indeed Alyssum, then it’s appearing all over the garden!

To me it just looks very weedy and I’m worried it might start strangling my lavender’s…. Any idea’s anyone??


5 thoughts on “Alyssum? Maybe?

  1. Can’t help you there unfortunately! It looks a nice plant though.

    We has some sort of sprawling flowering plant set itself in the moss and dirt that collects near the fence last year I left it there because it looked nice and added a bit of greenery.

    Could you attempt to control it a bit more so it doesn’t overwhelm the lavender?

  2. It looks like hairy bittercress to me. (Had to google the name, I never remember what it’s called 🙂 Pretty little flowers but oh my goodnesss it’s a successful weed. Sprouts everywhere, is quite a sturdy little plant. If your lavender is small it may well shade it out.

    Did your alyssum flower at this time last year? If not, it’s fairly safe to rule it out if I’m wrong on the ID.

    • Thanks for that Fiona, I’ve seen it in loads of places since. Which makes me think it is what you said and not my Alyssum. I’ve dug it out as it was strangling the lavender. 🙂

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