Back Garden Plan 2010

I’ve never done a garden plan before.  Never really needed one.  This year I think is a must.  I might be a little late on the plan front, but if I can get it looking somewhat like this and to be able to get some stuff planted out, then I’ll be more than happy.  The OH’s idea was to deck the top bit and leave the rest lawn.  I want more planting area, a little haven to escape to.  Well if I don’t hear about an allotment site, then why not dig up some patches in the garden?  There’ll still be plenty of space for lawn and for the kids to play out.

So here we have it, The Garden Space’s Back Garden Plan of 2010….

Now before you start commenting on my artistic abilities, I know I’m crap at drawing.  Always have been, but give the girl a pastel and she is able to create a lovely picture.  Unfortunately The Garden Space doesn’t have pastels, I had to settle for Jessica’s crayons and pencils (some of which were utterly useless).

I’m happy with my plan anyway and that is all that matters.  Hopefully all the text is clear enough for anyone interested to read.  I’m not sure what I’ll be planting in my raised beds yet.  I think the top bed will home the pea’s and the runner beans.  But nothing is definite.  Not untill I have everything ready.

The back garden space is a sorry sight at the moment, but hopefully with this good weather we’re having I might be able to get out and turn it into something workable.

Thats the plan.


5 thoughts on “Back Garden Plan 2010

  1. I love that you’re transforming part of your yard into a vegetable garden! It’s a commendable project and a huge task! How many fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc. do you intend to have? I live in an apartment and because of the lack of space I’m starting a window farm project this weekend! Not as detailed as your project, but it will still be exciting to cook with home-grown fresh vegetables and herbs.

    I also work on a video series called Working For Green. We’re traveling the country telling video stories about people who are finding simple ways to save money all while helping the environment. We just did a story about a couple who transforms peoples backyards into food gardens! Might motivate you and give you ideas for your project! Check it out! The spiral garden might be of interest to you! Here is the link:

    Good Luck! Looking forward to seeing your finished yard!


  2. You have a bit too much lawn there!

    The first thing I learned when I started about 5 months ago was that you NEVER have enough space. I also learned that you never have enough time or energy, and that making your own raised beds is properly cheap, even big ones like mine!

    Good luck!

  3. I have to have the lawn, I have two small children who love to roam the garden and a little boy who is football mad. If I had my way I would have no lawn at all. Our drainage at the bottom of the garden isn’t so great as we live behind a raised school field 🙂

  4. I love this plan! I’m really trying to beautify my sorry backyard with a garden too. I love that you have space for a table and chair set near lavender. What a wonderful way to really enjoy all that hard work 🙂

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