Garden Space is on hold.

This morning was not a great one.

At about 9.20am I had real bad abdominal pains.  Real bad.
So bad that I couldn’t finish my breakfast.
Struggled to climb the stairs to grab some paracetamol from the bathroom cabinet.
Rang OH and told him it might be a hospital trip.
Rang my Mum to see if she’d take me.

A trip to the docs, some prescribed Co-dydramol, blood tests and urine samples taken (not to mention an internal examination, eeek!) and I’m home sweet home, being looked after.

The doc said it might be a bladder issue.  Or it could be a ruptured ovarian cyst.  She did mention ectopic pregnancy, but I know she was only covering all grounds.

Blood tests come in by the end of the week, so until then the Garden Space is on hold whilst I get better.


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