Garden Blooms.

I promised an update and here it is:

My cucumbers, coming on strong.

The Forget-Me-Nots, I forgot all about loving their doorstep home.

Iceberg Lettuce.

Lobelia Crystal Palace.

New peas sprouting in my fab new pea planter.  Also showing a pea pod after flowering.



My one and only Rosemary seedling.  It seems that this year is not my year for growing Rosemary from seed.


My winter hanging basket my Mum did for me last year, blooming right into summer!

And finally some shop bought Lobelia Bush Blue.  Bought just incase the Crystal Palace didn’t germinate. I have also just bought some Lobelia Trailing White, thought they would look super pretty together in my brick trench in the back garden.

More digging planned for the next few days.  I aim to have the back garden veg space sorted before my trip to Paris.  7 weeks and counting….


2 thoughts on “Garden Blooms.

  1. Hey!

    Love your blog! Your garden posts remind me of my garden posts. I know what you’re going through!
    Don’t give up on your Rosemary. One plant is better than nothing. They’re a bugger to grow!

    Your forget-me-nots are beautiful. I have forget-me-not seeds that I have not planted for some strange reason. I’ll be planting them tonight!


    • Aaw thanks, I’ve added your blog feed to my list. Looking forward to following your gardening antics.

      I’m not giving up on the one seedling I have, but I did purchase two Rosemary plants from the garden centre yesterday…. Just incase!

      I never realised just how pretty forget-me-nots are until you get right up close to them. These are last years grown from seed and were left in a pot at the back of the garden. Whilst rummaging around in January I found them and thought the plant was a weed. Still too cold for weeding, I left it. Lucky I did really 🙂

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