Our Garden Space

Front GardenBack Garden

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

My name is Emma and I’m 27.  A mother to a little monster called Jessica and three moggies that go by the names of Monty (big ginger and white male), Milo (black and white male – more black than white) and Alfie, the newest addition to the family (kitten – black and white male – more white than black).

There has been quite a few changes to our family life recently that has forced a house move but a house move for the better.  I now live just a few doors away from my Mum, she has a funny illness (I must remember to get the name of it!) and she needs a bit of help from time to time and I’m just the girl for the job!

So yeah, the house moved has meant we have acquired two lovely spacious gardens.  Front and back.  Not naturally green-fingered at all, whilst browsing around the local Wilkinsons, Jessica announced she wanted to grow some Sunflowers…. Almost a month later, it would seem I am trying to feed the five thousand from my garden and only armed with the Internet and various gardening forums for help and advice, as I really don’t have a clue what I’ve gotten myself into…. I guess only time will tell if I’m any good or not.


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