My feline safe herb garden.

Everyone knows that my cats and freshly dug garden spaces don’t mix.  Not even a little.  As much as I love my three furry monsters, I can’t stand it when they decide to do their business on my freshly planted out lobelia.  Just makes my blood boil.

So, after looking at the garden plan again and looking at my ‘in desperate need of planting out’ herbs I decided that I would have to take a different approach to the back garden space.  Armed with some bamboo, netting and garden wire I set to work on making the herb garden more of a herb garden and less of a cat crapping ground.

This is the end result:

Now, is this a tried and tested method?  I’m not sure.
Will it work? I don’t know.  But surely it’s worth a try?  I shall be on regular poo watch.

For anyone interested in what is planted out in the herb patch so far, I have: Thyme (Archers Gold & Creeping Red), Rosemary, Coriander, Dill, Sage, Fennel, Oregano and Parsley (I think), although there might be more.

How many of you have similar problems with cats and how do you stop them turning your garden space into toilets?


Photo Update.

I haven’t really done much in the garden over the past few days.  I’ve been ‘taking it easy’ and enjoying the warm weather.

So, updates so far.

I was greeted at 7am by the peeking cucumber and then just now….

Such a difference a few hours makes…. The leaf uncurling!

Managed to re-pot all 100 Lavender seedlings.

My gorgeous Peas, beginning to flower!

New Pea Planter – So chuffed with this that I might have to purchase one for the beans 😀

The strawberries we inherited last year have been trimmed back and are looking lovely and green.

And Alfie decided he’d sooner take naps in the greenhouse…..

I’m shocked at how much it’s all changed

In such little time my back garden space has changed from  this:

Back Garden

To this:

Garden Space - 12-06-09

There’s still a heck of a way to go yet, things need moving out of the garden and there’s still a lot of weeding to do… But I’m getting there, slowly.  We should have our new garden furniture soon-ish, so then I’ll be able to enjoy the garden and have people come join me outside 😀

Today I’ve been potting on things that should really be going straight into the ground.  But with our front garden space still looking like a building site (only with a little more grass), I fear that if I start working on the front too I’ll be taking on a lot more than I can deal with at the moment.  So I’m focusing on getting the back garden space a little more tidier first.  Hopefully everything that I’ve potted on today will last a few more weeks before going into the ground.  Monty was my garden space buddy for the day, lounging around in an unfinished raised bed….


That pic makes me cringe.   The pigeon shed is such an eyesore!  It’s not our pigeon shed though, it’s our landlords.  The house we’ve moved into was originally his home and he’s very kindly rented it to us at a massively reduced rate (mates rates, as he knows my Mum ;)), so we have to live with the pigeon shed view until he is able to move it to his new place…. Either that or finish off our fencing so we’re not sharing the garden space with his newly built house next door.

Anyway, the house next door and the pigeon shed pics I shall save for another time.

Our very own Garfield!

He even likes Lasagne! – Everyone, meet Monty.


I’ve not ventured out into the garden space much today, only really for the odd quick splashings of water.  I shall be out there tomorrow morning, first thing in my pj’s snapping some fab pics of the greenhouse with my new camera.  Can’t wait!

What the?

Alfie, whats the deal with sitting in my sink?


My morning check-up rounds have discovered that some things are popping through!

If anyone is a regular reader, would you be able to take a quick look at my salad leaves below.

Salad Leaves

They’ve been doing ever so well, but since potting-on the outer leaves have started to shrivel up and die.  The main crop leaf seems wonderful and healthy.  I guess I’m just a bit concerned that I’m doing something wrong?  I gave my Mum the same leaves and hers look nothing like mine (I grew them all from seed) mind you, hers have been inside a greenhouse.

So yeah, any hints, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I’m leaving you this morning with a snap of my Sunflowers – Or should I say Jessica’s.
Aren’t they looking big now?

Sunflower - 19-05-09