What a day….

Lavenders & Lobelia

…. For getting down and dirty in the garden!

Salad Troughs

The sun surprised us by showing its face this morning.  Determined not to miss a good day of being outside I weeded the Lavender patch again – Seems like only yesterday when I did it last – trimmed the grass and sat back with a beer whilst the OH mowed the lawn.  Have to say our front garden is looking more like a ‘looked after’ garden now and less like a forest.  I did plan to do all sorts – finish digging the back garden, move my greenhouse, plant out the herb patch, lobelia, sweet peas and morning glories.  All I have managed to do is sow 4 troughs of mixed salad seeds (one of which is my BBC Dig In Salads), plant out the lobelia (bush blue and trailing white) in and around my lavenders (hopefully the ground cover will stop my cats from using the area as a toilet) and help pot on my Mum’s tree that we bought for her birthday.

Huge Lemon Balm leaves making themselves known by my front door.

Still, tomorrow is another day…..


No photo updates for a while.

I’m camera-less 😦

Our beach outing yesterday resulted in my camera being dropped in the sand and now it won’t work.  So you might not see any photo updates for a while.  Well, unless it gets fixed…. Which as it stands at the moment, might be a while as I can’t seem to find the warranty to send it back to be repaired.  Balls.

I might still have my old ‘I like batteries’ Samsung floating around, so all might not be so bad.

I’ve been out in the back garden again this afternoon.  I pulled back some of the plastic sheeting and had another attempt at digging over my herb/salad bed and I have to say it’s made a massive difference.  The lawn and weeds came up no problems, the ground all moist and earthy smelling.  Whilst digging more up and turning over the soil I’ve discovered an oblong trench that runs just below the herb/salad bed.  Maybe my landlord used this trench as a in-built flower planter.  I’ve highlighted the area in red on the pic:

Now to explain our garden.  This top bit is built up, about 6 bricks from the normal garden.  So I’m thinking (because the bricks look ugly) of digging out the trench and planting some lovely flowers that will compliment the Lavender beds and also the herbs/salads.  I’m not very big on flowers really, so I’ll probably opt for something trailing but pretty.  Any suggestions? Keeping in with my blue/purple/white theme of course.

Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow so I can get back out and dig some more.  I’m getting there…. Slowly.

Photo Update.

I haven’t really done much in the garden over the past few days.  I’ve been ‘taking it easy’ and enjoying the warm weather.

So, updates so far.

I was greeted at 7am by the peeking cucumber and then just now….

Such a difference a few hours makes…. The leaf uncurling!

Managed to re-pot all 100 Lavender seedlings.

My gorgeous Peas, beginning to flower!

New Pea Planter – So chuffed with this that I might have to purchase one for the beans 😀

The strawberries we inherited last year have been trimmed back and are looking lovely and green.

And Alfie decided he’d sooner take naps in the greenhouse…..

Back Garden Plan 2010

I’ve never done a garden plan before.  Never really needed one.  This year I think is a must.  I might be a little late on the plan front, but if I can get it looking somewhat like this and to be able to get some stuff planted out, then I’ll be more than happy.  The OH’s idea was to deck the top bit and leave the rest lawn.  I want more planting area, a little haven to escape to.  Well if I don’t hear about an allotment site, then why not dig up some patches in the garden?  There’ll still be plenty of space for lawn and for the kids to play out.

So here we have it, The Garden Space’s Back Garden Plan of 2010….

Now before you start commenting on my artistic abilities, I know I’m crap at drawing.  Always have been, but give the girl a pastel and she is able to create a lovely picture.  Unfortunately The Garden Space doesn’t have pastels, I had to settle for Jessica’s crayons and pencils (some of which were utterly useless).

I’m happy with my plan anyway and that is all that matters.  Hopefully all the text is clear enough for anyone interested to read.  I’m not sure what I’ll be planting in my raised beds yet.  I think the top bed will home the pea’s and the runner beans.  But nothing is definite.  Not untill I have everything ready.

The back garden space is a sorry sight at the moment, but hopefully with this good weather we’re having I might be able to get out and turn it into something workable.

Thats the plan.

Alyssum? Maybe?

Last year I planted baby Alyssum in my Lavender patch and it did well, giving me great floods of white flowers, almost, as its name suggests, like a carpet of snow.  With the bad weather we had over Winter it died right back to nothing.  Probably due to the frost/snow we had.  Now I know this is an  Annual, so I know it self-seeds and comes back….. But, is this my self-seeding Alyssum?

My photo quality isn’t all that great at the moment, so my apologies.  If this plant is indeed Alyssum, then it’s appearing all over the garden!

To me it just looks very weedy and I’m worried it might start strangling my lavender’s…. Any idea’s anyone??

On Saturday we’re off to a local Allotment site to check out a 6×4 shed that is for sale. The owner said we could go have a little look before we decided if it was for us or not. It’s only £50 and apparently in great condition. Hopefully that means at some point next week we’ll have everything cleared out of the house that needs to be in the shed (kids bikes, tools, junk etc!) Our plan for the back garden is to put decking down on the top half of the garden. Hopefully there will be plenty of space for my greenhouse and shed. Not sure what the extra space will be used for. I quite like the idea of having veggies growing in pots. I don’t think my raised beds will be put to use this year.

Tonight whilst the OH has been watching the football I have sown some Stocks (night Scented), Morning Glories and some more Forget-Me-Nots. They are now sitting quite happily on my bedroom window sill. I’ve also re-potted the Mothers Day basket I got off the kids. The Ivy was strangling everything, so I’ve split that into 4 and planted it into the garden. I just hope it doesn’t take over the Lavender patch….. Which I know it will. Damn.

Off to bed soon, apparently the weather is going to be god-awful tomorrow. It’s British Summer Time and yet some parts of the UK are having to deal with more snow. Bummer.