2013 Brings Me Back.

It’s funny how once upon a time you start a new project and blog to go along with it and then that project fizzles out and becomes something totally different.  My project of 2009 was to start an edible garden, which moved into a fully functional family garden in late 2010.  We removed the compost bin to our front garden, the greenhouse was given away and the little 1m x 1m raised beds we had were used as fire wood (much to my dislike).  So here I am in 2013 making more changes within out Garden Space.  The Back Garden Space looks a whole world away from the last time you seen it, so I think a few pictures might be best in explaining where we are right now.  These were taken in 2010:

I can’t take a picture of present day Back Garden Space as my batteries on my camera need charging (note to self), but they will no doubt follow tomorrow.

Yesterday I started sowing some seeds:

Petunia ‘Razzle Dazzle’ – These will be for some pots, flower pouches for the concrete fence posts and possibly some hanging baskets.
Black Hollyhock
Woodland Sage ‘Sylvia Nemorosa

I also potted out some Clematis ‘Sylvia Denny’, which were shop bought.  These two will hopefully set off my garden arch and work well with the solar lights that go over it.


Already ready for picking

Yesterday we picked a few of our strawberries.  Mum is really surprised that the size of them, considering when she gave them to us the flowers (fruit) forming was so tiny.  Looks like a little bit of research did them some good.  Who know’s maybe next year they’ll give bigger fruit.

Strawberries - 29-05-09

Everything else is looking as green as ever in the garden space and you can check out some recent pics out here.

We go on Holiday on Monday so the past few days have been spent panic buying and trying to pack.  Today is pretty much the same.  The weather is totally gorgeous at the moment and I really don’t want to have to shop…. Why can’t I just stay in the garden?!

Ho hum!

I have a new camera!

OH and I spent the day shopping for all of the holiday stuff on my list.  We nipped into Weatherspoons for a sneaky beer and grub.  OH ordered and then explained he needed to call into a shop to buy a gift for his son.  He returned, just as our meals arrived and handed me a box in a bag.  OH had bought me a new camera!!  One with a lithium (rechargeable) battery too.  Oh I’m such a spoilt girl! 😀


At last, I have some cucumber plants!

I totally missed out on the offer at Lidl to pick up a cucumber plant or two, but after the episode at Aldi with the bedding plants I’m not so sure they would have been any good.  Luckily for me, our local paper came out today with a voucher on the front page for our local garden centre offering a free pack of vegetable plants worth £1.99.

Off we trotted to the Garden Centre and then I became the proud owner of these:

Cucumber - 22-05-09

Mum got Cauliflower, even though I have quite a few already growing in the greenhouse.

Not bad for nothing eh?

Emma saves the plants!

Yesterday we nipped to Aldi to do some shopping and I noticed among the hanging basket plants that there were a few of them in need of a major drink and some tlc.  They were dry to the bone and dying by the minute.  Reduced to 99p I bought six of them, brought them home and stood them in a sink full of water, hoping that they would absorb it and pick up a little.  I placed them into the cosy greenhouse overnight and have just been to check in on them:

Aldi Flowers

Such a different state to how they looked yesterday.  Just wish I’d have taken a photo to compare!
We’ve called them Rod, Jane, Freddy, Zippy, George and Bungle – Rainbow 😀

Had a pretty poo morning yesterday, but made up for it in the afternoon by purchasing my new greenhouse staging.


And as you can see, there is still plenty of space for a few more pots on the ground and for me to fit in.  I could even get another set of staging in there, if I really wanted too.  But I’m happy it’s all sorted and my babies have their own shelves.


Off out with Mum, more shopping to do!

Holiday in 9 days, c’mon sunshine!!!

I am the proud owner of a greenhouse!!

Yesterday we did a bit of garden shopping and I managed to pick up a cheap 4 tier plastic greenhouse for £10!! I also picked up some more seeds. I’ve definitely got the gardening bug.

So heres some progress on my seedlings:


They’re really getting on now. So much so, that I’ve had to take the lid off them and they’re quite happily sitting on the bedroom windowsill. I’m gonna give them another week or so indoors and then move them to the greenhouse.

The lavender have taken a little while longer to come through…. But they’re definitely there alright! 😀


To be honest, I didn’t think these would come through at all. I’m not sure they liked so much sun in the bedroom, so I’ve moved them to the back bedroom windowsill and they seem to be doing okay there.

I also managed to pot up some carrots;

Also did some herbs and things, but haven’t got round to snapping pics of them yet. Or the greenhouse. Just waiting for a clear, sunny day now to get out in the backgarden and get it all rolling. Not long, not long.