What a day….

Lavenders & Lobelia

…. For getting down and dirty in the garden!

Salad Troughs

The sun surprised us by showing its face this morning.  Determined not to miss a good day of being outside I weeded the Lavender patch again – Seems like only yesterday when I did it last – trimmed the grass and sat back with a beer whilst the OH mowed the lawn.  Have to say our front garden is looking more like a ‘looked after’ garden now and less like a forest.  I did plan to do all sorts – finish digging the back garden, move my greenhouse, plant out the herb patch, lobelia, sweet peas and morning glories.  All I have managed to do is sow 4 troughs of mixed salad seeds (one of which is my BBC Dig In Salads), plant out the lobelia (bush blue and trailing white) in and around my lavenders (hopefully the ground cover will stop my cats from using the area as a toilet) and help pot on my Mum’s tree that we bought for her birthday.

Huge Lemon Balm leaves making themselves known by my front door.

Still, tomorrow is another day…..


Seeds in.

Today I’ve managed to sow:

Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue)
Sweet Pea (Old Spice Mix)
Lobelia (Crystal Palace)

I must remember to sow my Beans.

I’ve also bought a garden arch, which I plan to grow the sweet pea’s and morning glories on.  Hopefully it’ll make a nice display.

I’m waiting for some stocks and flox seeds now.

….. Time for the Edible Garden me thinks.

On Saturday we’re off to a local Allotment site to check out a 6×4 shed that is for sale. The owner said we could go have a little look before we decided if it was for us or not. It’s only £50 and apparently in great condition. Hopefully that means at some point next week we’ll have everything cleared out of the house that needs to be in the shed (kids bikes, tools, junk etc!) Our plan for the back garden is to put decking down on the top half of the garden. Hopefully there will be plenty of space for my greenhouse and shed. Not sure what the extra space will be used for. I quite like the idea of having veggies growing in pots. I don’t think my raised beds will be put to use this year.

Tonight whilst the OH has been watching the football I have sown some Stocks (night Scented), Morning Glories and some more Forget-Me-Nots. They are now sitting quite happily on my bedroom window sill. I’ve also re-potted the Mothers Day basket I got off the kids. The Ivy was strangling everything, so I’ve split that into 4 and planted it into the garden. I just hope it doesn’t take over the Lavender patch….. Which I know it will. Damn.

Off to bed soon, apparently the weather is going to be god-awful tomorrow. It’s British Summer Time and yet some parts of the UK are having to deal with more snow. Bummer.

Already ready for picking

Yesterday we picked a few of our strawberries.  Mum is really surprised that the size of them, considering when she gave them to us the flowers (fruit) forming was so tiny.  Looks like a little bit of research did them some good.  Who know’s maybe next year they’ll give bigger fruit.

Strawberries - 29-05-09

Everything else is looking as green as ever in the garden space and you can check out some recent pics out here.

We go on Holiday on Monday so the past few days have been spent panic buying and trying to pack.  Today is pretty much the same.  The weather is totally gorgeous at the moment and I really don’t want to have to shop…. Why can’t I just stay in the garden?!

Ho hum!

Whats the story, Morning Glory?

Wow, they certainly speak for themselves this morning, don’t they?

Elsewhere in the garden space (or should I say – the windowsill space) the Lobelia has shot up!

The Radish is certainly loving the view from my living room!

And believe it or not, I have new leaves from the Auricula plant that I received from the Garden Swap Shop site the other day. The outer leaves look like they’re dying away a little. But they look no different to when I received it. Fingers crossed it likes it’s new home!

I’ve spent the early part of this morning (I know it’s still early) pinching the new runners from my strawberries. Apparently that’s what you’re meant to be doing around this time of year. Found a few slugs in the pot… Must remember to add some kind of slug repellent, any recommendations? Strawberries must love their sunny location though, as the fruit is starting to form (only really small) and turning red. Doesn’t look like we’ll get healthy size strawberries this year.

List of things to do today:

Plant some Agapanthus White African Lily seeds
Re-pot Peppers & Chilli Peppers
Re-pot lavender
and possibly re-pot the Morning Glory (but might wait a few days longer)

P.S: The postie has just delivered a lovely parcel from Dobies. Ooh it’s like Christmas!
I’ve got: Aster, Candytuft, Agastache & Sage *big grin* – Now…. where to stash them?

Photo update

I wouldn’t normally blog so much in one day, but I feel as though my blog looks a little on the boring side. As both my previous posts don’t have any photos. So heres a quick ‘update’ post.

AlyssumCarpet Of Snow

2 days old

Cornflower Blue Ball
2 days old

Impressive, huh?

Morning Glory

First signs of life…


19 days old
Still growing strong. The tallest measuring 7.5 inches!!

Thats all for now 🙂

Bad Monty!

This morning I let the cats out as normal and after going to relieve themselves (I’m guessing that’s what they needed to do!) – I caught Monty having a good sniff at the strawberry plants. A second later, I caught him biting at the flowers and I actually caught him mid-bite, before spraying him with some water.

Having plants around my cats is such a bad idea…. It was Alfie pulling up the Sunflowers a few days ago. The buggers!

All seedlings are doing very well and without wanting to bore you with pictures galore of all of them, I’ve uploaded progress pics to my Flickr account and I shall continue to do so. So if I’ve not posted a pic of a particular thing I’m growing on my blog. Be sure to find it here.

Also potted up some Morning Glory last night, for my front garden. Can’t wait to see if they do actually come through. Got my Cornflower Blue Balls through the post this morning, so might pot them tonight.

Things I’m waiting for: Common Fennel seeds, Border Auriculas (young plant) and some Lemon Balm seeds.