Goodbye Happy Pea.

Noticing that my first-born pea plants were looking a bit unhappy in the crowded pea planter, I set to work thinning them out and making room for the others to flourish.  Pulling them up and discarding the weedier ones is tough brutal, but I guess you have to be cruel to be kind when it comes to gardening.

I started tugging at what looked like two pea plants that had been sown right next to each other.  Only to find that the two pea plants were from the same seed.  It seems such a happy ‘twin’ pea, seems a shame to have disturbed it.

'Twin' Pea


Bank Holiday Diggin’

Making full use of the long weekend and armed with the lawn edging knife, spade, fork and some tunes, the garden is now starting to look like something usable and less like a forest of weeds.

5 hours later and I’m absolutely shattered.  The weather has been great.  Warm with a gentle cool breeze.  I’m just hoping it’s like this tomorrow so I can get a bit more done.  I’m dreading the task of relocating the compost bin though.

Everything in the greenhouse seems to be coming on strong.

Pea Planter, finally out of the greenhouse.

My one and only Iceberg Lettuce.


My little helper.

Garden Blooms.

I promised an update and here it is:

My cucumbers, coming on strong.

The Forget-Me-Nots, I forgot all about loving their doorstep home.

Iceberg Lettuce.

Lobelia Crystal Palace.

New peas sprouting in my fab new pea planter.  Also showing a pea pod after flowering.



My one and only Rosemary seedling.  It seems that this year is not my year for growing Rosemary from seed.


My winter hanging basket my Mum did for me last year, blooming right into summer!

And finally some shop bought Lobelia Bush Blue.  Bought just incase the Crystal Palace didn’t germinate. I have also just bought some Lobelia Trailing White, thought they would look super pretty together in my brick trench in the back garden.

More digging planned for the next few days.  I aim to have the back garden veg space sorted before my trip to Paris.  7 weeks and counting….

Old ‘faithful’ works.

Today I put the Samsung to the test.  It took me a good 20 minutes to figure out each setting again, but I think I’m there.  Now, these are not 10 mega pixel quality, but hopefully the 5.1 mega pixel has captured my beautiful greens as my eyes did this morning.

Last years Strawberries, starting to flower!

How beautiful please??

Cucumber babies, still growing strong.


….. And finally, my Forget-Me-Nots…… The ones that I forgot all about!  Now pride of place by my front door. 😀

Photo Update.

I haven’t really done much in the garden over the past few days.  I’ve been ‘taking it easy’ and enjoying the warm weather.

So, updates so far.

I was greeted at 7am by the peeking cucumber and then just now….

Such a difference a few hours makes…. The leaf uncurling!

Managed to re-pot all 100 Lavender seedlings.

My gorgeous Peas, beginning to flower!

New Pea Planter – So chuffed with this that I might have to purchase one for the beans 😀

The strawberries we inherited last year have been trimmed back and are looking lovely and green.

And Alfie decided he’d sooner take naps in the greenhouse…..

Greenhouse task.

Today is the day when I finally get a hand sorting out the mess that is my greenhouse.  Since the cold weather set in, the greenhouse has been used as a shed.  Becoming the home to the lawnmower, old sofa fabric, a broken fish tank etc.  My seedling babies are taking over the house (again) and they really need to be outside.  Enjoying the full light from early as my windowsills don’t get the sunshine until about 10am.

This is a before shot:

I’ve also potted some Cucumber seeds and re-potted my pea plants…. So things really need to get a wriggle on in the Garden Space.

For anyone else who is out in their Garden Space today, enjoy it and Happy Gardening! 🙂

Back Garden Plan 2010

I’ve never done a garden plan before.  Never really needed one.  This year I think is a must.  I might be a little late on the plan front, but if I can get it looking somewhat like this and to be able to get some stuff planted out, then I’ll be more than happy.  The OH’s idea was to deck the top bit and leave the rest lawn.  I want more planting area, a little haven to escape to.  Well if I don’t hear about an allotment site, then why not dig up some patches in the garden?  There’ll still be plenty of space for lawn and for the kids to play out.

So here we have it, The Garden Space’s Back Garden Plan of 2010….

Now before you start commenting on my artistic abilities, I know I’m crap at drawing.  Always have been, but give the girl a pastel and she is able to create a lovely picture.  Unfortunately The Garden Space doesn’t have pastels, I had to settle for Jessica’s crayons and pencils (some of which were utterly useless).

I’m happy with my plan anyway and that is all that matters.  Hopefully all the text is clear enough for anyone interested to read.  I’m not sure what I’ll be planting in my raised beds yet.  I think the top bed will home the pea’s and the runner beans.  But nothing is definite.  Not untill I have everything ready.

The back garden space is a sorry sight at the moment, but hopefully with this good weather we’re having I might be able to get out and turn it into something workable.

Thats the plan.