What a day….

Lavenders & Lobelia

…. For getting down and dirty in the garden!

Salad Troughs

The sun surprised us by showing its face this morning.  Determined not to miss a good day of being outside I weeded the Lavender patch again – Seems like only yesterday when I did it last – trimmed the grass and sat back with a beer whilst the OH mowed the lawn.  Have to say our front garden is looking more like a ‘looked after’ garden now and less like a forest.  I did plan to do all sorts – finish digging the back garden, move my greenhouse, plant out the herb patch, lobelia, sweet peas and morning glories.  All I have managed to do is sow 4 troughs of mixed salad seeds (one of which is my BBC Dig In Salads), plant out the lobelia (bush blue and trailing white) in and around my lavenders (hopefully the ground cover will stop my cats from using the area as a toilet) and help pot on my Mum’s tree that we bought for her birthday.

Huge Lemon Balm leaves making themselves known by my front door.

Still, tomorrow is another day…..


Free Seeds!

Back from the shopping trip this morning I noticed the postie had been.  Flicking through the endless amount of rubbish mail we get I noticed my BBC: Dig In free seeds.  Last year we weren’t very quick off the mark and we missed out on these.  This year we must be one of the lucky ones, I noticed on their website that they’re all out of seeds now.  Make sure (if you weren’t lucky enough to get some this year) that you remember for next!

Inside my envelope:

It’s weird because I was going to nip out today and purchase some French Bean seeds.  Apart from the 5 packets of ample filled seeds, I also got some funky stickers which I’m sure Jessica will have fun decorating some pots with after school.  There was also a funky little booklet giving lots of advice on when to sow your seeds, how to look after them and the best bit…. When to harvest!

I think I’ll leave these seeds and plant them up with the kids at the weekend.  Get them mucky, out in the sun and involved.

What the?

Alfie, whats the deal with sitting in my sink?


My morning check-up rounds have discovered that some things are popping through!

If anyone is a regular reader, would you be able to take a quick look at my salad leaves below.

Salad Leaves

They’ve been doing ever so well, but since potting-on the outer leaves have started to shrivel up and die.  The main crop leaf seems wonderful and healthy.  I guess I’m just a bit concerned that I’m doing something wrong?  I gave my Mum the same leaves and hers look nothing like mine (I grew them all from seed) mind you, hers have been inside a greenhouse.

So yeah, any hints, tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!

I’m leaving you this morning with a snap of my Sunflowers – Or should I say Jessica’s.
Aren’t they looking big now?

Sunflower - 19-05-09