Bank Holiday Diggin’

Making full use of the long weekend and armed with the lawn edging knife, spade, fork and some tunes, the garden is now starting to look like something usable and less like a forest of weeds.

5 hours later and I’m absolutely shattered.  The weather has been great.  Warm with a gentle cool breeze.  I’m just hoping it’s like this tomorrow so I can get a bit more done.  I’m dreading the task of relocating the compost bin though.

Everything in the greenhouse seems to be coming on strong.

Pea Planter, finally out of the greenhouse.

My one and only Iceberg Lettuce.


My little helper.


No photo updates for a while.

I’m camera-less 😦

Our beach outing yesterday resulted in my camera being dropped in the sand and now it won’t work.  So you might not see any photo updates for a while.  Well, unless it gets fixed…. Which as it stands at the moment, might be a while as I can’t seem to find the warranty to send it back to be repaired.  Balls.

I might still have my old ‘I like batteries’ Samsung floating around, so all might not be so bad.

I’ve been out in the back garden again this afternoon.  I pulled back some of the plastic sheeting and had another attempt at digging over my herb/salad bed and I have to say it’s made a massive difference.  The lawn and weeds came up no problems, the ground all moist and earthy smelling.  Whilst digging more up and turning over the soil I’ve discovered an oblong trench that runs just below the herb/salad bed.  Maybe my landlord used this trench as a in-built flower planter.  I’ve highlighted the area in red on the pic:

Now to explain our garden.  This top bit is built up, about 6 bricks from the normal garden.  So I’m thinking (because the bricks look ugly) of digging out the trench and planting some lovely flowers that will compliment the Lavender beds and also the herbs/salads.  I’m not very big on flowers really, so I’ll probably opt for something trailing but pretty.  Any suggestions? Keeping in with my blue/purple/white theme of course.

Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow so I can get back out and dig some more.  I’m getting there…. Slowly.


Project: Back Garden started off well yesterday afternoon.  Armed with my fork and spade I set to work at removing lawn, weeds and rubbish.  After an hour I was miffed to discover most of the lawn was indeed weed.  I gave up, made myself a nettle tea and thought about scrapping my plans.  Then I had a brainwave!  Our new corner sofas came wrapped in miles of plastic sheeting, which still hasn’t been binned.  10 minutes later, all sheeting cut and weighed down, my garden was steaming away nicely….. Now all we need is a few days of pure sunshine to get the process started.

Alyssum? Maybe?

Last year I planted baby Alyssum in my Lavender patch and it did well, giving me great floods of white flowers, almost, as its name suggests, like a carpet of snow.  With the bad weather we had over Winter it died right back to nothing.  Probably due to the frost/snow we had.  Now I know this is an  Annual, so I know it self-seeds and comes back….. But, is this my self-seeding Alyssum?

My photo quality isn’t all that great at the moment, so my apologies.  If this plant is indeed Alyssum, then it’s appearing all over the garden!

To me it just looks very weedy and I’m worried it might start strangling my lavender’s…. Any idea’s anyone??

Pretty pretty pea

Pea - 24-05-09

Quick check-up in the greenhouse this morning reveals that the peas are loving their supports and entwining themselves around them.  They look so pretty, delicate but pretty.

On other shelves in the greenhouse:

Sage, Candytuft, Aster, Sweet Pea and Forget-Me-Nots are all doing amazing well!

And my Strawberries seem to be plumping up a bit:

Strawberry - 24-05-09

The weather is absolutely beautiful today so I plan to pinch my Mums lawnmower and get the grasses cut.  Spot of weeding and just a general tidy up.  Might even spread out a bit of grass seed on the bare patches.

Busy, busy day!